JST-CREST NanoMechanics (Tsuji Team)

Advanced structural metals showing both high strength and large ductility by controlling nucleation of different deformation modes

JST CREST is a funding program for team-oriented research and its primary goal is to create revolutionary technological seeds for science and technology innovation. In the Nano-mechanics research area, we aim at the development of the technology to analyze and evaluate the motions of atoms and molecules in materials or on surfaces, the structural and chemical changes of microstructures, and other nanoscale dynamics. More specifically, Tsuji team attempts to find the governing factors that determine the mechanical properties on the macroscale, to elucidate the mechanisms of their actions, and to find a principle or establish a guideline to design innovative structural metallic materials having extraordinarily high strength – ductility balance in order to develop the material technology and to contribute to the realization of a society in which sustainable new industries are created.