Assistant Professor Ihara, Researcher Lavakumar, Ms. Jesada D3, and Ms. Sato M2 gave presentations at IMC20 in Busan.

Assistant Professor Ihara, Researcher Lavakumar, D3 Mr. Jesada D3, and M2 Mr. Sato  gave presentations at The 20th International Microscopy Congress (IMC20) in Busan, Korea.

・Assistant Professor Ihara (oral presentation)

「Deep learning enabled high-speed scanning transmission electron microscopy for in situ and three-dimensional observation」

・Fellow Mr.Lavakumar (oral presentation)

「Visualization of crystal to amorphous transformation during crack propagation using in-situ S/TEM combined with EELS」

・D3 Mr.Punyafu (oral presentation)

「Obtaining a proof of Cottrell atmosphere in austenitic steel using in-situ TEM deformation technique」

・M2 Mr. Sato  (poster presentation)

「Development of grain boundary extraction algorithm for 4D-STEM data towards three-dimensional visualization」